Conference for .NET developers

Keilalahdentie 2-4
02150 Espoo, Helsinki, Finland

HoloLens and Xbox One — new frontier for .NET developers

It feels like a miracle... When you have a regular installation of the latest Visual Studio 2015 update, you can actually deploy your applications on HoloLens and Xbox One. You don’t have to have some special SDK, those are normal targets for Universal Windows Platform. Join this talk and learn the basics of developing for HoloLens and Xbox One, including live on-devices demonstrations of deployment cycle. Find out what what is possible to do with extra tools, such as special build of Unity 3D targeting Windows.Holographic platform.

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Michael Samarin
Michael Samarin MichaelSamarin


Michael is a speaker, teacher, developer, Microsoft MVP, Nokia Developer Champion and team leader with many years of experience in various technologies ranging from mobile platforms and interactive media installations to forensic investigations and security systems.

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